How the Kovrd Bag Works:


The Kovrd paint tray storage bag and quick drop is designed to accommodate all paint tray sizes as well as your roller and brush this is reusable, convenient way to prevent paint and tools from drying.

You can stop mid-job and seal up your equipment to keep materials wet and ready to use when you resume painting. Simply zip it up and walk away. Designed with a heavy-duty three-sided double zipper, you can unfold it and use it as a drop sheet to protect your floor from unwanted spills.

The built-in handle transforms the bag into a carrying case and storage unit for your painting equipment. This combination of function and innovation offers unmatched convenience to both contractors and DIY painters.

  • Stores a wet paint tray with paint and wet tools keeping them wet for days
  • Zips up in seconds reducing unnecessary clean up time in between painting interruptions
  • Fits over a 5 gal. bucket keeping paint and tools wet for days
  • Fits under doors when painting
  • Doubles as a drop sheet when in use offering additional protection from paint spills or splatters
  • Saves cleanup time over the duration of the job
  • No need to clean up after every time you stop painting
  • Quality construction for repeated use

Full Video Walkthrough:

The KOVRD Bag:

Keeps paint and tools wet for DAYS!

SAVES time and money

NO clean-up after painting

PROTECTS property and prevents spills

The Kovrd Paint Tray Bag

Also available at select locations in Canada and the USA.

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